A Person Blossoms When…

I love to read or hear of human transformation stories! Through television, you might agree with the following shows exhibiting such stories:

The Learning Channel (TLC) – What Not to Wear!

An hour-long show where every-day individuals receive professional fashion intervention.

OWN – Iyanla: Fix My Life

Relationship expert Iyanla Vanzant pulls back the curtain on what is broken in people’s lives.

Steve Harvey Show

Media conglomerate host an hour-long show that deals with people’s real issues and brings his

                funny, fresh, insightful and common sense approach to everyday problems.

Undercover Boss

An hour-long show where a corporate executive take low-level jobs at their firm to see what really

              takes place.

ABC’s Shark Tank

Risk-taking entrepreneurs have a shot at making their dreams come true by pitching their ideas

                to capitalist investors.

I’m sure you may have similar shows to add to the list above. I do however find something in common at the end of each of these shows. Most often, the person they target or focus in the show tend to blossom for the better!

It had me thinking…I believe a person who ventures into such change will blossom when:

  • they aren’t concerned about how much money is in their bank account – as long as they have breath in their bodies and reciprocative love from family and friends
  • they refuse to listen to nay sayers or embrace negative energy from others
  • they begin to walk closer with their God
  • their professional job doesn’t define them or become overwhelming
  • they aren’t afraid to take risk – even if they have to go it alone
  • they discover their true passion(s)
  • they decide to bury the past and embrace the future
  • they begin to be a positive influence to everyone around them

Are you ready to blossom?

Let’s go people and do some good!