Change the Battery

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Many of you have heard the phrase “Ring out the old, Ring in the new” – a meaning in which one celebrate the end of a year and usher in the start of a new one.  After a nice holiday weekend in 2021, it’s now time to go back to work and resume to your busy virtual Zoom schedules! 

Change the Battery

I’m a follower of a US based TV program that deals with family issues and the person of the show attempts to get willing participants to work ‘different’ in order to achieve a renewed/healthy relationship.  The person of the show will often express to those by saying ‘change the battery’ – a verbal command in which she informs the dysfunctional family something didn’t work in the past; now use a different (or better) method.

The statement ‘change the battery’ stuck with me over the past week.  I’m blessed to know that I don’t have any serious issues with my immediate family or friends, but I thought about myself and what could I do different – or if fitted with a new battery [of thinking], what new method could I achieve for a healthy well-being me?  I listed a few personal things of myself to ‘change the battery’:


·         Build-up my immune system by consuming turmeric, elderberry and zinc supplements.  COVID19 virus is still here – it hasn’t disappeared!

·         Morning body stretches…I’m getting old guys (smile)!

Social Virtual Engagements

·         Start a new “Sip and Travel Tour” series via Zoom.  Though many of us haven’t traveled in a good while, I thought that I spend a few hours each month and share my international experiences to those seeking to do global ventures in the future.

·         Start a virtual series of Short-Term Mission Trip opportunities.  I’m a ministry leader of my church and lead small teams to do harvest work in five areas of the world each year.  Since my church isn’t open to conduct classroom orientations, I need to move this open session to a virtual platform for my church members and those beyond the ministry.


·         Plan to remodel certain rooms within my house.  Most people that I know did much of this during the height of the pandemic….I’m slow.

I could share more but don’t want to bore you…

2020 was a challenging year for all of you, yet we can orchestrate greatness within ourselves to ‘change the battery!”

It’s a new year…enjoy every moment moving forward and let’s grow to speak to the world together!

Let’s get out there people and do some good!