Living on the Edge of Faith

woman sitting on mountain

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“I was right on the cliff-edge, ready to fall, when God grabbed and held me.”

Psalm 118:13


For most, there are times when you just simply don’t know the ‘next-steps’ – especially those who have found their passion and purpose in life.


We often pronounce or enchant others with our declared visions; yet deep down inside …our soul feels uncertain.  How is it possible to have this competing “bi-polar type” issue?


Our adult life is confronted daily with worldly issues, family issues, workplace issues, financial issues, and other palatable issues.  We are faced with everyday decisions as soon as we wake up in the morning and later before going to bed.  Some decisions require input from others while major decisions are yours and only yours to ponder.  Those major decisions find you on the “edge.”  It is those major decisions that keep you up at night.  It is those major decisions that other people don’t seem to understand.  It is those major decisions that contain no playbook manual.  It is those major decisions that has no pleasing sight or romantic sound.


To address these decisions require a strict regiment!


  • Daily prayer/meditation with the higher source! A constant and continual practice of this will find you closer in getting the “edge-answers.”  This important regiment doesn’t compound or add to the daily woes; it begins to weed out the distractions often met in your day-to-day life.
  • Writing down the vision for your purpose (or major decisions to support your vision) can help with foreseeable clarity beyond the “edge.” Your purpose could be much larger than you think!  And as you stretch forward beyond the “edge,” you may see a much broader acclaim for your life.  Caution…you must ingest item #1 first!
  • Begin to “WORK” out your purpose and evaluate those confirmed decisions! How you are wired to perform on this Earth ‘requires’ sacrifice – this means put your gift(s) and/or talent(s) to work!  If you love music or are gifted to be a musician, then spend time in this environment.  It is often said that you work 9 to 5 to earn a living.  Yet if you invest the later hours from 5 to 9, you have an opportunity to live out your purpose!  Caution…you must ingest item #1 first!


Be resolved in your decisions…stay focused…close out the noise from the world and be about living on the edge of faith!