Embracing Your Life Purpose

Be honest with yourself…no one is watching while you read this.  Do you find it challenging to cultivate your life’s purpose?  Did you doubt yourself the moment you discovered your newly found purpose?  Do you get frustrated when everyone around you is acting out on their life’s purpose and you’re still making attempts to fine-tune yours?

No worries…your purpose in life is already here or just on the horizon; just learn to embrace it!

As a business strategist/therapist, I gleefully hear the enthusiasm of an individual’s new business concept and shortly within the same conversation; they become unenthused when their ideas are faced with perceived obstacles.  Most often, people will point to the main obstacle – that is of course “money.”  But the real obstacle could be the person with the purposeful idea!

Imagine yourself driving pass a large cemetery and viewing the beautiful manicured gravesites, properly spaced tombstones adorned with vibrant flowers and statuette mausoleums.  I’m sure the many buried folks out there had a purpose to produce wonderful inventions or could’ve made a difference in the lives of many.  Problem is most took their unspent purposed driven ideas with them!  You on-the-other-hand have the ability to start today!

Everyday, new business ideas or concepts are meant to produce a response from others (another name for others is ‘consumers’).  Infomercials are prime examples of promoting new ideas.  As weird as those products may look on TV, people will buy into that idea!  From exercise workout videos, to kitchen equipment, and/or faux jewelry, it’s all about trying to make people feel good or satisfied.

While profitable institutions attempt to pitch their idea [product] to anyone who’ll listen, goodwill organizations will pitch their idea [purpose] to build a movement.  The strategy is simple, embrace what you believe in, know what you’re destined to do [your purpose] and put it out there.  You may not have the courage to broadcast your purpose in life to the whole wide-world, but it may be enough to impact your environment or community.

In the best seller book, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, he writes “God has given you a Life Message to share.  Your Life Message includes sharing your Godly passions.  It maybe a passion about a problem, a purpose, a principle, or a group of people.”

Think about the positive impact you’ll deliver to the hundreds, thousands, or millions if you take the risk to embrace your purpose and share it.  Now think about that sizable impact on others if you decide not to embrace your purpose….any questions?

Are you now ready to Embrace your Purpose?  Wonderful! Let’s go people and do some good!


5 thoughts on “Embracing Your Life Purpose

  1. Well spoken and highly encourageable dear brother. I’m delighted in seeing you in your element & purpose. I percieve that many will be blessed & helped by your intelligence and by your devotion in assisting others as I too am immensely blessed by your wisdom & most of all, as my anointed & talented beloved brother. Gods blessings upon you & your purpose! Let’s Go Higher…

  2. we all need to follow our dreams. our passions is what’s make life purpose a possibility. if we following our dreams today, our tomorrows will fill our passion for life.

  3. I’ve been mediating on this very thing this week. Every time I pass a graveyard I think about how life can come and go and how busy life can get doing everything except what is important. Thank you for the insight!

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