God’s Will, God’s Words and God’s Way!

God’s Will

Psalm 138:8 says the Lord will work out his plans for my life.  God’s plans for us are always good.  Unknown plans can be frightening, but when the plans belong to God, we can rest assured that we can expect something marvelous.  Submitting to God is the only way to peacefully know His “Will” for your life!  I encourage us to fully depend on God’s will for everything good that happens.


God reveals His “Will” through His “Words”

God’s Words

As we seek to obey God’s Word, he will lead us in the right direction.  It may not be without problems and pain, but we can be assured that “God’s causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them” (Romans 8:28)

Your eternal word, O Lord, stands firm in heaven – Psalm 119:89

God’s Word has real power, for as James says, “It has the power to save your souls” – James 1:21.  Don’t just stop with that, for it later says further in the scripture that you must do what it [the power of His words] says!


God’s Words helps us Grow!

God’s Way

In the earlier sections of the book of Isaiah, God tell us that His thoughts are not your thoughts, nor my ways are not your ways!

The way for positive life-long possibilities comes with God!  The scripture Matthew 19:26, says “With God, everything is possible!”  There should be a God-Factor in everything you do!  Never leave Him out, because if you do – the Way you choose life will not be fruitful.


God’s Way along with God’s Word will always lead you to do it God’s Way!


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