Dash’in Toward Your Passion!

Imagine walking on a seashore of a beach and you discovered a decorative gleaming long neck glass bottle with a removable cork. You pulled the cork and instantly, a smoky shaped Genie figure oozed out the neck of the bottle. The Genie tells you that he has mystical powers to make your life easier. Much to your amazement, the Genie then say that he’ll grant and fulfill two of your greatest wishes! Would any of your two wishes be something you passionately want to do in life? Or would both wishes be self-gratifying desires.

In reality, the good news is that you don’t have to look for a Genie in a bottle, our heavenly Father can be relied upon to fulfill the desires of your heart. From the moment you came into the world, you were molded and wired to do something for greatness. You have unlimited wishes you can request – just seek Him first!

So why is it that most people feel like they’re trapped in mundane work; unable to move toward that ‘thing’ they really want to do? What is keeping individuals away from their passionate work? And why can’t they just start today and dash or sprint right into it?

Most will give you responses that leads to financial security or the fear of not having sufficient earnings to live. Others will say they don’t have enough time; especially if they have a young family, ever increasing job responsibilities, church/civic duties, continuing higher education, and yes, yard work.

Many will know their passion(s), but stay clear away from it because of the above excuses. Only a few will break beyond those reasons and plunge into the challenge to dash toward their passions. Those same few will also delay gratification just to balloon their [at-the-start] non-generating passions. The pursuit toward your passion can start of shaky and difficult; yet gratifying enough to keep you up during the wee-hours of the night! Comedian and National Syndicated Radio DJ Steve Harvey said “Your career is what you’re paid for. Your calling (passion) is what you’re made for.”

Wondered if you began to channel your energies to pursue your passion? Many famous people did…and the moment they decided to advance toward their passion; their personal finances substantially increased, their network of influence grew, they were able to impact the lives of people wherever they traveled, and they grew spiritually in the direction that God led them.

So what’s stopping you again? Can you move from “I wish I could…” to “I will become…?”

Your passion(s) is/are waiting for you…run to it!


Stop Complaining and Explaining – Start Changing and Producing!

     As we’re facing the last month of 2013, I hope many of you are taking the time to assess what you’ve accomplished this year.  Yes, time flies when you’re having fun! 

     The church I attend had proclaimed 2013 as the “YEAR OF INTENTION – Impact, Impart, and Implement!”  When I heard it in January, I took the declaration very seriously.  I no longer felt the need to complain about the struggles of not having life’s little luxuries – i.e. expensive watches, clothes and first class travels.  I no longer wanted to explain my reasons to anyone for not stepping back into the mediocre workplace and missing out on what I believe God challenged me to do.

     I knew this year would advance me into a sense of being.  In order to find a level of faith within myself, I had to withstand distractions from others, disappointments by others, and discouragement found through others.  I had to continuously seek and draw strength from the man above – God.  And through this process, the two demons of complaining and explaining faded.

     What began to replace those two demons was the positive offer of ‘change’ and become truly ‘productive’.  I’m sure each of us will go through this transformation at least once in our lifetime.  For many it’s all about staying true to who you are and what you know is right and just.

     In the early 19th Century, Solomon Northrup a free-born African American from Saratoga, New York had everything in life.  As a professional musician he was framed into a musical deal by some shanty hustles and unknowingly kidnapped into slavery!  To go from having his own respectable life in the North, a good home and wonderful family – Solomon would be thrown into the shock of his life.  Having never experienced slavery in his life, this culture shock would attempt to shake his belief.  It took twelve years to keep the belief that he would be free again one day.


     Solomon’s story now in theaters nationwide, displays a character that didn’t complain or explain his sad situation to everyone he met.  He kept a careful strategy to change his situation, no matter how dangerous it got to be.  During the twelve years of his odyssey, Solomon finally saw his “Year of Intention.”  It came and he was able to reclaim his life again.  Can you imagine the brutality of what he had to endure day after day – and having to internally deal with the two demons to complain and explain?  If he chose to openly complain about his situation to anyone, he would’ve met death by his slave owners.

     So what are you complaining about today?  Are you struggling what to do about your life but keep making excuses or complaining?  Shake off the ‘why’ and the ‘what if’s’ and rid yourself of confusion!  Begin to change your attitude and start producing.  Your journey may not be as like Solomon Northrup, but you can find pitfalls and roadblocks to it!  Whatever the case, stay true to your belief, it’ll eventually pay off!

Let go people and do some good!


The Benefits of Dreaming Big Dreams!

Promoting a Big Dream of yours is a good thing…but are you sure the ‘big dream’ will turn out to be good for you and others? Will the outcome of your ‘big dream’ produce an impact you hope for?

As you put in motion for your “Big Dream” to become a reality, I’m certain it’ll change your life! I’ve been reading a book entitled “Exponential” written by Dave and Jon Ferguson – two brothers planting church ministries throughout Chicago. The book is based on creating an idea and turning it into a movement. In this book, the brothers shares four ways how Big Dreams will change us:

    1.   Big Dreams Change your Questions

The size of your dream will come with a different set of debatable questions. For example, let’s say you have a small dream to grow a vegetable garden in the back of your home. Some set of questions might be: (1) Do I have enough space to grow several kinds of vegetables? (2) How much time will I need to tend a garden? (3) Can I build a protecting fence to distract animals from eating my produce? Sounds simple huh?

Now what if you have a large dream to develop a farm and grow vegetables for an entire community? A different set of questions might be: (1) Do I have the funding capital or should I apply for a loan to put together my dream farm? (2) How much land should I acquire and what kind of farming equipment should I possess? (3) How many people will I need to hire to tend my farm?

[Me] Your Big Dreams requires the right set of questions to gain the right set of answers. 

  1. Big Dreams Change your Prayers

The greater the dream you have, the greater need to depend on God for further answers. I found that when you pray, you should be specific in what you desire as long as it is in the Will of God. As your dream moves into reality, it’s good to remain humble prior, during, and after the process.

[Me] Your Big Dream requires the essential ingredients of fasting and constant praying.

The closer you draw near to God will give you strength to carry on. 

  1. Big Dreams Change Others 

The brothers write that ‘big dreams are contagious.’ Big dreams generate excitement, and they attract those who want to follow your example and step out in faith. I often see many examples of Mother/Fathers working in their business profession and later find their children eventually all grown up working in the same or similar occupation!

I’m also encouraged to see some of my friends who several years ago told me of their big dreams and now they have followed their desire to make it come into reality! You see a determination in their spirit to stay focus and build on their success.

[Me] Your Big Dream requires steadfast commitment to see it all the way through – it then encourages others to mimic or use your effective game plan.

  1. Big Dreams Change You 

In the book, Dave Ferguson stated that your big dream defines your identity, your relationship with God, and your relationships with those in your close circle. He also mentioned that our dreams are often too small and we need to dream dreams that match the hearts of our teachers, leaders or mentors. Our ultimate teacher [God] definitely has big dreams for you – if you believe He lives within you, trust your heart and follow His transformation methods to dream Big!

[Me] Your Big Dream demands your attention; it will help you to grow and achieve even more!

Let’s go people and do some good!