Be Real

Keeping it Real” – a slogan often heard by television entertainers and comedians. Urban defines it as “a reaction stated by individuals claiming to deny pop culture and sticking with their own thing.” For me, I find that most individuals are REAL if they are truly passionate about the things they do in life!

The “Realness” in you speaks for itself. You will often receive compliments and praises when “Realness” is presence. While people tend to gravitate to a real person, people repel from bogus individuals.

Here’s a permanent formula to remain “Real” to others:

Harbor yourself with real people [to] do real things [to] make real impact!

Harbor yourself with real people

Like [positive] minds tend to thrive and produce. We find that evident in Toastmaster clubs throughout the world. We find that evident in social clubs. We find that evident in churches. We even find that evident in some of our circle of friends! Real people edify and challenge each other – good or bad. Real people accept criticism or hurtful comments and turn that feedback into positive outcomes.

Do real things

The former South African leader and renowned world-leader Nelson Mandela said “Real Leaders must be ready to sacrifice all for the freedom of their people.”

Can you imagine the tumultuous life Mandela endured for decades in jail? Can you imagine the emotions he had to manage while separated from his family? Yet, he stayed faithful to the cause in doing the real thing – to see that his people would one day be free from Apartheid. The thirst within his veins kept him hungry for that quenchable taste of justice.

Make real impact

Here’s the benefit for those who gravitate to Real People:

  • Real People have something to give that will make others change or improve
  • The wisdom of Real People can leave a profound legacy
  • Real People duplicate greatness throughout his or her community
  • Real People are purposed to demonstrate and model servanthood

This formula can and will keep you passionate and purposeful!

Let go people and do some good!



“My” 2013 Year-End Awards

2013 – My last blog of the year.  It’s been an exciting time for me to create and write on my blog.   I was prepared to write some reflective about this year, but decided to have a little fun.  Here in the U.S., we have so many award shows:

The American Music Awards

The Essences Awards

The People Choice Awards

CCN Heroes Award

The Grammy Awards

The American Country Awards

The Billboard Awards

MTV Music Awards

The American Latin Music Awards

BET Awards

NAACP Awards

VH1 Awards

Kid’s Choice Awards

Golden Globe Awards

…and many others not mentioned.  So I decided to do “my” own awards of 2013.  You may or may not agree with my award recipients – that’s fine.  I have my own opinion and I approve this message!  Again, I’m having fun.


Category                                                          Award Recipient(s)

Biggest Winner of 2013                                                  Catholic Church Pope Francis

Biggest Loser of 2013                                                      [Tie] ObamaCare / 16-Day U.S. Government Shutdown                                                                                                                 (Washington is a mess…)

Worst Politician of 2013                                                [Tie] NYC Mayoral Candidate Anthony Wiener /

Toronto, Canada  Mayor Rob Ford

Most Defining Political Moment                                 16-Day U.S. Government Shutdown

Turncoat of the Year                                                       Exiled American Edward Snowden

Most Boring                                                                         [Tie] Entertainers Lady Gaga / Kanye West

Most Charismatic                                                              The Late ANC Former President Nelson Mandela

Most Disappointed U.S. Court Decision                 The Florida jury verdict of Georgia Zimmerman

Best Comeback of 2013                                                  Album Release of Songversation – India Arie

Worst Comeback of 2013                                              Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (Don’t drop the

soap Kwame!)

Most Original Thinker                                            hoping to deliver packages to residences

via flying drones

Most Stagnant Thinker                                                  American Rapper DMX during Aylana’s “Fix My Life”


Best Photo Op of 2013                                                   Double amputee U.S. Staff Sgt. Jesse with wife Kelly

(Talk about a spouse having your back…this is precious!)

Worst Photo Op of 2013                                               U.S. President Barack Obama taking a “selfie” with

Danish Prime Minister at Nelson’s memorial service!

(Come on Mr. President…you’re not at a Justin Bieber



Enough Already Award!                                                The Kardashians!

Worst Lie of 2013                                                             “If you like your Health Care Plan, you can keep your

Health Care Plan…Period!” – U.S. President Obama

Honorable Mention of 2013                                         Boston Strong

Best Drama Series of 2013                                            Showtime’s “Homeland”

Worst Reality TV Series of 2013                                Oxygen’s “Preachers of LA”

Person of the Year                                                            16-year old Pakistani Activist Malala Yousafzai