His Overflowing Passion

This month, I had the privilege of attending a religious conference in Richmond, Virginia  Well over 7,000 conference attendees swarmed the city for a 3-day course of learning and networking.  Exhibitors of the conference represented some 285 mission related world-wide organizations all vying for the attention of conference goers.

As I gazed from a glass room on the second floor above the massive exhibit hall, it looked like a typical convention.  I couldn’t help but to notice hundreds of two legged creatures moving about the exhibit corridors carrying stuffed plastic bags full of literature, books, conference tchotchkes, and plenty of unnecessary sugary treats.  Don’t forget the colorful/creative booth space designs also appealing to your attention.

But this particular conference is quite different from the hundreds I’ve attended over the past 15 years.  These 285 exhibitors primarily represented outreach ministries stationed in some 145 countries world-wide!  From US based ministries like Christian Appalachian Project of Kentucky to Bach Christian Hospital of Pakistan, all present to attract mission minded candidates for short or long term mission opportunities.

Many prospect candidates attending this conference are college bound youth looking to plunge into some kind of spiritual global trek adventure.  Adults like myself, look forward to networking and collaborating.  I believe the core of the three day recruitment tangle between mission candidates and outreach ministries is to channel our focus on Kingdom building.  God has uniquely given ‘us’ people passion – to help those who aren’t capable to help themselves.

Beyond the exchange of brochures, business cards, books, confectionary candies, and gawking at international artwork and crafts comes the real work.  It is the stories of people throughout the world who some tonight may face starvation, illness, sudden death, religious persecution, or the quickening to leave their home because of tribal warfare.

It’s not new to us that the world is besieged by strife and trials.  The question is often ask…Who shall go to help? Who will advocate and confront these terrible issues?

The notion of being surrounded by 7,000 conference goers and 250,000 US missionaries currently serving around the world, a level of confidence is obvious that ‘someone’ is doing ‘something’.

Unfortunately, the 80/20 rule may apply…after the convention, some conventioneers may go back to their busy lives, responding to Twitter, Facebook, occupying a work cubical Monday thru Friday for several hours, and playing the day care shuttle.

Others may view and pour over the free literature once they go back home and pray to ‘fit’ a mission schedule into their personal calendar for next year.

Only a few will answer the call; leaving the comforts of home for the sake of giving comfort to those who haven’t had a fair chance to live in dignity.

The “few” possess God’s overflowing passion to take that risk, defy the odds, and ignore the criticism of family members and friends.  It is that overflowing passion that keep them up in the wee hours of the night.  It is that overflowing passion that encourages them to hear successful stories of other missionaries overcoming challenges in unreachable communities.  It is that overflowing passion where God is speaking and providing the next steps for kingdom assignments.  It is that same overflowing passion that caused me to buck the trend of what people my age aren’t doing yet.

What is that God overflowing passion that possesses you – yet you decided not to have a ‘coming-out’ party?  Is it causing you to change?  Is it causing you to breakout yet?  Go for it!  Don’t be scared…do it today.


G.P.S. – God’s Passionate Servant

It’s been several months since I last wrote on my blog.  The temporary absence was due in part that I was blessed to lead mission teams into two Caribbean destinations.  The training and planning for these summer journeys consumed much of my time – including the opportunity to write on occasionally on my blog.  Never-the-less, the time and dedication to serve the teams were worth the brief hiatus.  I came away from this experience knowing that each team member was able to passionately serve the people of Jamaica and Haiti!

Jamaica Mission Team

In July this mission group, tagged as “NavySeals10,” truly exuded a raw sense of passion for the people of Jamaica.  Team members were eager to go out each morning to engage the people on the downtown streets of Montego Bay.  And every afternoon on the hillside of the country, the team would spend quality time with inquisitive, yet excited children of Jamaica.

No one exhibited a tepid attitude nor did they become recluse to any of our day-to-day assignment.  These passionate mission servants were willing to do whatever, give to whomever, and go wherever.

Haiti Mission Team

In August this mission group, tagged as the “Fantastic5,” demonstrated qualities of a servant:

  1. They made themselves available to serve.
  2. They paid attention to the needs of others.
  3. They did their best with what they had
  4. They were committed to every task and gave it 100%
  5. They remained faith to the ministry (even after arriving back to the US)

We spent most of our time in an orphanage one hour south of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Every gentle hug, every smile displayed, every positive affirmation given, and every cheerful expression was intended to speak directly into the heart of our Haitian children.  These passionate mission servants were willing to provide hope and comfort in God.

We are now preparing for next year’s collection of uniquely designed mission travels with an expectation of training and sending 95 passionate missionaries throughout the world.  Do you have a passion for serving others?  Visit my ministry’s website at www.lifewalkmission.org and discover the wonderful opportunities to become a G.P.S.!

A Proposed Plan that may lead to Your Destiny in Mission

As the cool invisible mountain breeze of East Africa rolls over the last glowing sunset of my April stay here, I imagine what the Prophet Elijah must’ve felt while resting in the wilderness after the Jewish princess Jezebel threaten to kill him. With its lush green views from the lanai of my guest room at Lake Nakuru Resort, I felt well rested after a long, but successful mission journey here in Kenya.

God used me mightily at every turn, trekking some distance of about 16,400 miles in total! Every encounter with people young and old was a humbling experience. Despite the human casualty of 149 university students killed in the town of Garrisa three weeks ago, the Kenyan people are resilient and strong. They are determined to face new obstacles and bury old colonial-ruled lifestyle patterns. Its people will sound a new trumpet of Zion; awakening every living creature that roams and breaths on their rich fertile lands.

I can’t wait to reschedule my spring visit next year and continue the work of sharing God’s message, instilling hope, and encouraging the discouraged.

By looking out onto this beautiful quiet sunset evening, I can’t help but to listen to the blowing wind mixing with the whistling chirping of birds and the call of insects boldly declaring their presence to the world. Was this temporary image supposed to give me the feeling of the Garden of Eden? Think about it, no arguments of fussing, no sounds of honking cars, no slaughter of animals….yet! And most of all, no stress! Can you imagine….

By the time you read this, I’ll be back into the grind of everyday life back in the United States, but (God willing) the next mission adventure will be in Jamaica W.I. this summer.

My prayer for the country of Kenya is that God does a new thing for its people. His plan will bring a cool fresh breeze on its people to become more unified thanWorn Socks ever before. His blowing clear wind will remove the tainted attitudes and His gentle hand will be open to welcome those who will surrender to Him.

My personal prayer is that you’ll join me in 2016. Newly scheduled international mission trips will be posted on our website starting this week (June 5)! To view each destination, please visit: www.lifewalkmission.org. Perhaps next year while sitting on the lanai, I’ll look to the left or right of me and see you too, wearing worn socks and writing your mission journey in Kenya!


Was there ever a time in your life when you got out of bed with a defiant thought to accomplish something BIG that day? You probably felt that neurological venom flowing through your brain charging the rest of your body to ‘make-it-happen.’

By the end of that day, you accomplished what you needed to do – and then something occurs…you want to do it again the next day! And then repeat it in the coming days. That’s when you know you a Full of Passion.

Some people go on to build on that level of Passion while many will succumb to distractions. You can find many people in the entertainment business chanting how they struggled in the early stages of their career. One person in this business comes to mind – Sean Combs. This forty-five year old mogul (American rapper, record producer, actor and entrepreneur) shares intimate details on how he had to work hard in the early days of his pursuit to become famous. One story is the time when he sold his own music out of his trunk!

I confess that I don’t follow the rap genre that must. And nor am I a big fan of his music; yet I respect the diligence and passion he must’ve felt day after day, week after week…

It’s that unique energy one must have to stir the heart and mind. Even on days when the body isn’t strong enough to execute – the heart beats for more!

It is people like Mr. Combs who will be remembered or studied for years to come. It is also people in your neighborhood who overcame great challenges – they too will be remembered. The passion they had is profound. What about your passion levels? Are they boiling over, simmering or just room temperature? The challenge is to assess where you are today, build a plan and take baby steps toward your passionate endeavors!

Let’s go people and do some good!

A Person Blossoms When…

I love to read or hear of human transformation stories! Through television, you might agree with the following shows exhibiting such stories:

The Learning Channel (TLC) – What Not to Wear!

An hour-long show where every-day individuals receive professional fashion intervention.

OWN – Iyanla: Fix My Life

Relationship expert Iyanla Vanzant pulls back the curtain on what is broken in people’s lives.

Steve Harvey Show

Media conglomerate host an hour-long show that deals with people’s real issues and brings his

                funny, fresh, insightful and common sense approach to everyday problems.

Undercover Boss

An hour-long show where a corporate executive take low-level jobs at their firm to see what really

              takes place.

ABC’s Shark Tank

Risk-taking entrepreneurs have a shot at making their dreams come true by pitching their ideas

                to capitalist investors.

I’m sure you may have similar shows to add to the list above. I do however find something in common at the end of each of these shows. Most often, the person they target or focus in the show tend to blossom for the better!

It had me thinking…I believe a person who ventures into such change will blossom when:

  • they aren’t concerned about how much money is in their bank account – as long as they have breath in their bodies and reciprocative love from family and friends
  • they refuse to listen to nay sayers or embrace negative energy from others
  • they begin to walk closer with their God
  • their professional job doesn’t define them or become overwhelming
  • they aren’t afraid to take risk – even if they have to go it alone
  • they discover their true passion(s)
  • they decide to bury the past and embrace the future
  • they begin to be a positive influence to everyone around them

Are you ready to blossom?

Let’s go people and do some good!

“My” 2014 Year-End Awards

Wow! 2014 – My last blog of the year. It’s been an exciting time for me to create and write on my blog.   I enjoy having a little fun as I’m relaxing at home during the holidays. Please check out my winners for 2014 (see below). You may or may not agree with my award recipients – that’s fine. I have my opinion and I approve of this message! I want to arouse your thoughts; let me know what you think.

Biggest Winner of 2014

   Award Recipient: The North Korea Regime dictating what future movies we should watch while they hacked a computer network of one of our major motion film companies!

Biggest Loser of 2014

   Award Recipient: Former Football Baltimore Raven player Ray Rice and his attempt to overcome the elevator feud scene with wife Janey

Worst Politician of 2014

   Award Recipient: Ousted Majority Democratic Senator Harry Reid – what a creepy person!

Most Defining Political Moment

   Award Recipient: The Veteran Administration Scandal – the worst in not providing descent/affordable health care for our decorated veterans.

Turncoat of the Year

   Award Recipient: The investigation into U.S. Solider – Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s disappearance on June 30, 2009 while servicing in Afghanistan, is complete and Senior Pentagon and Army leaders got briefed on the results the week of December 15 – it is not revealed to the public. My guess is that the report will say he deserted his post. Therefore, he gets my vote for being “Turncoat of the Year.”

Most Boring Individual of 2014

   Award Recipient: Republican U.S. Senator Ted Cruz….enough said

Most Charismatic Individual of 2014

   Award Recipient: Deepak Chopra – Author, Physician, Holistic health/New Age guru

Most Disappointed US Grand July Decision of 2014

   Award Recipient: NYC Grand Jury returns a no indictment against NYC Police Officer who used fatal choke-hold on Eric Garner – a cell phone video image shows a clear angle showing his last seconds of life.

Best Comeback of 2014

   Award Recipient: The Field Performance of the US Soccer Team at the 2014 FIFA World Cup (Goalkeeper Tim Howard’s impressive defense)

Worst Comeback of 2014

   Award Recipient: Sony co-chair Amy Pascal and movie producer Scott Rudin’s racy e-mails of President Obama. It is not over for them yet – this will continue to be a news maker in 2015.

Most Original Thinker

   Award Recipient: On an October aired episode of 60 Minutes, US FBI Director James Comey predicted our ‘next’ 9/11 event will be a major cyber internet attack.

Most Stagnant Thinker

   Award Recipient: A disgraced former IRS work Lois Lerner who refuses to tell the American people if she unfairly scrutinized applications of certain groups seeking tax exemptions.

Worldwide Shame of 2014

   Award Recipient: Sunni Islamic militant Boko Haram – Latest kidnapping total (12/18) – 185 women and children, killed 32 people, and leaving tens of thousands displaced from their homes. The International community does nothing but create a Twitter hashtag movement…really people-is that all we should do?

Best Photo Op of 2014

   Award Recipient: Oregon Police Officer Sgt. Bret Barnum hugging African-American Devonte Hart (giving free hugs on a city block in Oregon)

Worst Photo Op of 2014

   Award Recipient: The disturbing yet haunting image of U.S. journalist James Foley kneeling next to an ISIS militant fighter In the middle of a Syrian desert.

Enough Already Award!

   Award Recipient: The Kardashians!

Worst Lie of 2014

   Award Recipient: PolitiFact’s decision of the claiming the President’s assertions that his “position hasn’t changed” on implementing immigration reform via executive order and his claim that the Islamic State is merely al-Qaeda’s jayvee team

Honorable Mention of 2014

   Award Recipient: [Tie] 1 Natalie’s Cakes and More – a single African-American business woman of two children saw the devastation of her burnt-down bakery business in Ferguson. Good will citizens, including me, came to her rescue and raised over $269K dollars to restore her damaged business.  2 Nation-wide ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – a You Tube Video phenomenon raising over $1M

Best Drama Series of 2014

   Award Recipient: Showtime’s “Homeland”

Worst Reality TV Series of 2014

   Award Recipient: VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Person(s) of the Year

   Award Recipient: Hundreds of unnamed braved Medical Ebola Fighters in West Africa

Song of the Year                                                               “

   Award Recipient: “Happy” – by Pharrell Williams

What the “Hell” was I thinking Award of 2014

   Award Recipient: Texas Presbyterian Nurse Amber Vinson infected with Ebola Virus flying across the country (now virus free since 10/31/2014)

Best Movie of 2014

   Award Recipient: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – released December 17, 2014

Worst Movie of 2014

   Award Recipient: Godzilla – released May 16, 2014

Most memorable slogan of 2014

   Award Recipient: “Hands Up…Don’t Shoot”

Heart Work -vs- Hard Work

Do you recall the day you arrived at your first well-paying job? Did you feel a sense of accomplishment – ready to conquer every new job assignment presented to you? Were you then able to find yourself 100% fully committed to the values of the company? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel this way for the entire tenure of working at your job?

A few years ago, I watched a person-to-person interview with the late Bea Arthur, popularly known as the outspoken female liberal of the 70s hit television show Maude and 80s television show The Golden Girls. This actress, comedian, and singer worked for a span of sixty-one years in show business. Well up to her last years on Earth, she was working on Broadway and while taking a break, the journalist ask her “After a successful acting career, when will you decide to retire from all of this?” Ms. Arthur, who is naturally tall (5’9”), sternly stood up in her chair and without a word, gave the interviewer this famous distasteful “Maude” look [you have to see a YouTube clip of any episode to get the visual of her facial expression – yet this time it was for real http://youtu.be/3P89-jCOv6k]. She said to the interviewer….”There is NO such thing as retirement, if you love what you do!”

Maude is an American television sitcom that was originally broadcast on the CBS network from September 12, 1972 until April 22, 1978.

Maude is an American television sitcom that was originally broadcast on the CBS network from September 12, 1972 until April 22, 1978.

To me, that sounds like “HEART work!” When you wake up every day and ‘love’ what you do; that reflects heart-work. Whether you face insurmountable challenges in that love for work, your heart becomes the steering wheel of your intentions. Your passion level exudes and your mind stays focused on the work.

On the opposite spectrum of HEART work is HARD work. To be honest, there is no such thing as Hard work. It’s all in the mind…you can either refuse to make it hard or just make it hard. Our brain is the most incredible organ given to man. Imagine….we came from nomad living centuries ago to a tech culture of today! From the days of the Egyptian Empire, who would’ve thought then that people could physically land on the moon? In 1977, NASA launched a space probe named Voyager 1. At a distance of about 12 billion miles from Earth, it is the farthest operating spacecraft from our plant! Who would’ve thought that a man-made spacecraft could still communicate to us while operating 37 years later? There are new inventions and discoveries yet to be birth, but it takes brain power, passion and heart work to achieve it!

Discover your Heart work before it’s too late (smile)!

Let’s go people and do some good!

Dash’in Toward Your Passion!

Imagine walking on a seashore of a beach and you discovered a decorative gleaming long neck glass bottle with a removable cork. You pulled the cork and instantly, a smoky shaped Genie figure oozed out the neck of the bottle. The Genie tells you that he has mystical powers to make your life easier. Much to your amazement, the Genie then say that he’ll grant and fulfill two of your greatest wishes! Would any of your two wishes be something you passionately want to do in life? Or would both wishes be self-gratifying desires.

In reality, the good news is that you don’t have to look for a Genie in a bottle, our heavenly Father can be relied upon to fulfill the desires of your heart. From the moment you came into the world, you were molded and wired to do something for greatness. You have unlimited wishes you can request – just seek Him first!

So why is it that most people feel like they’re trapped in mundane work; unable to move toward that ‘thing’ they really want to do? What is keeping individuals away from their passionate work? And why can’t they just start today and dash or sprint right into it?

Most will give you responses that leads to financial security or the fear of not having sufficient earnings to live. Others will say they don’t have enough time; especially if they have a young family, ever increasing job responsibilities, church/civic duties, continuing higher education, and yes, yard work.

Many will know their passion(s), but stay clear away from it because of the above excuses. Only a few will break beyond those reasons and plunge into the challenge to dash toward their passions. Those same few will also delay gratification just to balloon their [at-the-start] non-generating passions. The pursuit toward your passion can start of shaky and difficult; yet gratifying enough to keep you up during the wee-hours of the night! Comedian and National Syndicated Radio DJ Steve Harvey said “Your career is what you’re paid for. Your calling (passion) is what you’re made for.”

Wondered if you began to channel your energies to pursue your passion? Many famous people did…and the moment they decided to advance toward their passion; their personal finances substantially increased, their network of influence grew, they were able to impact the lives of people wherever they traveled, and they grew spiritually in the direction that God led them.

So what’s stopping you again? Can you move from “I wish I could…” to “I will become…?”

Your passion(s) is/are waiting for you…run to it!

Missing in Missouri

    Two weeks after a controversial encounter of a local police officer and an unarmed teen, the city of Ferguson, Missouri still feel the raw emotions of wanting to feel safe while hoping to seek justice at the same time. The unfortunate situation resulted in the shooting death of an 18-year old teen – no longer able to walk the streets of this Earth. He’ll never have a chance to go to the local community college his parents said he prepared for. He’ll be missed.

    As for the police officer involved in this tragedy, he’ll never be the same – his name will always be historically etched in the chronicles of this controversy. Whether he be hated or praised…his name will continue to stir debate at everyone’s dinner table for years to come. We’re missing his side of this awful story.

    As for Michael Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, her name will now join the long list of agonizing mothers trying to cope with the lost yet wanting to seek justice on behalf of her child. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to see Michael splattered over the internet and to view the positive and negative statements about his life – mostly leading up to that deadly situation. She’ll miss his smile or have the pleasurable benefit to see him grow older, marry, have kids, and make his parents proud.

    People throughout the country (and the world) are depending on our government system to fill in the missing blanks of this tragedy. Will there be an indictment against the police officer? Will the grand jury find cause that Michael Brown assaulted the police officer before his death? Will the local police department of Ferguson ever find ways regain the trust of the community? Will the local police department become more diverse in the hiring of their staff?  So many missing pieces…

    But what’s missing in Ferguson and around the country is the missing element of human engagement. We rely too much on our electronic phone devices to be the source of communicating to one another. I sat in a barber’s chair this afternoon and notice that every guy sitting in front of me (about six of them), all focused on their phone devices. No one looked up and no one desired to raise a conversation.

    Days after the tragedy, I felt the need to spend time with my mentee Otis. I later reached out to a few young men across the street from my house. It was a way to engage with them; to hear them and how they felt about the situation. Maybe there is a way to ease the social tension of our communities – by simply talking to one another. One could only wonder, if every adult in this country made an attempt to talk or speak to the younger generation, perhaps most of them would listen enough to moralistically view his/her countrymen and learn how to respect one another. It’s been said that children spell love T-I-M-E!

    In Proverbs 22:6 in the New International Version of the Bible, it says “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” So many of our children aren’t trained or correctly directed! That is what’s missing!

    So what are you going to do today? Are you blessed to have kids living in your home? Start right there; then bring your children’s friends over. Later, speak up at a PTA meeting and speak to the school faculty to begin conversations with the children. You may be encouraged to attend your church’s Sunday School ministry and start those conversations there. Perhaps you are a football coach; you might want to incorporate some social conversations with the guys. The cost is too great not to start somewhere. We don’t want to MISS out on this opportunity.

Let go people and do some good!

D.A.W.N. of a New Day!

Let’s be real folks…at the beginning of each morning, some of us seek to refuel our lethargic minds with fresh baked information of the day. All too often, we switch the television on or dial our favorite radio station in the car to gain information. These mediums are generally about everything that is wrong in the world. You can assume that the “A” block of news in the morning will discuss the following things:

• Political indifferences
• Social indifferences
• Natural Disasters
• Out-of-this World or Bazaar news
• People in crisis

As I write this, I’m beginning not to feel too good (SMH).

How can you eliminate those morning stressors? Many would tell you to:

1) Drink a cup of fresh brewed coffee
2) Spend time to Meditate/Pray
3) Relaxing Exercises or Stretches
4) Listen to soft-easy soundscape music

That’s all good, but how to maintain a positive start throughout the day you might ask? Well, consider the following:

D = Discover the benefits of your Passion

Yes, whatever you want to do in life, daily challenge yourself to seek the benefits of your Passion. For example, if you believe you are gifted in music and you’d like to play the piano, think about the reason why you want to play the violin. Is it to relax yourself, or would you think it will benefit the elderly in a nursing home? Is playing the piano a way to add extra income, or should it be your chance to perform with a world renowned symphony orchestra? Is it for the benefit to become the next great Liberace, or do you want to be a blessing by playing with your child at his/her Christmas pageant? Spend some time each morning to discover what would be those benefits.

A = Act out your Passion

From the provoking questions above, all you have to do is just ‘act’ out on them. Start today and practice those Christmas songs – it’s now July! In five months, you’ll be ready to present a musical concert of songs for the kids. What better time of the day is to use the morning to review those holiday song sheets!

W = Seek the Wisdom of those living their Passion

You can either self-teach yourself to play the piano or hire someone who ‘teaches’ others to play the piano. I’ve always felt to have someone to mentor or coach me in things that I don’t know. The wisdom of others will make it easier to reach your Passion faster versus going it alone.

N = Your Passion is Natural to you

You immediately feel something once you place your fingers on the piano. That feeling isn’t nervousness, it isn’t frustration, it’s a soothing natural easiness – you feel free. As you play out the holiday songs on the piano, it takes you:

• back to your childhood singing Christmas carols at school.
• to a moment to feel the warmth of a home in winter and the smell of fresh baked gingerbread cookies
• to a time when you stood around the family piano and saw your own grandmother play Christmas songs as everyone else sang the verses!

The D.A.W.N. of each new morning can put you into a pleasurable feeling and give you a sense of emotional balance that carries you through the day! Make it your mission to fulfill your passion so that others may benefit from it!

Let go people and do some good!